What is Exponential Finance?

Exponential Finance is an intensive 3-day conference that brings together a select group of leading executives, investors, and entrepreneurs from around the globe to explore how exponential technologies are impacting business and our economy.

Artificial intelligence, digital currencies, robotics, nanotechnologies, crowdfunding, and computing systems - together we’ll explore how these and other technology forces are rapidly reshaping the way we do business.
Explore and prepare for the many opportunities and impacts thrust on the world economy.

The rate and degree of change are accelerating faster than ever before.

  • Understand and take action on the big shifts in finance in the coming year.
  • Get a glimpse at the future of financial tools and trends powered by data, AI, and machine learning.
  • Harness the power of new economic models.
  • Explore what’s on the horizon for digital banking.
  • Discover how fintech is changing the face of commerce.

These sessions and many more are waiting for you in New York City. See you there.

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