Who attends Exponential Finance?

Who Should Attend


  • Exponential Finance will dive into areas in the economy that are facing major changes. By understanding these changes, short term and long term investors have the potential to spot trends earlier and achieve outsized returns.

Public Market Investors:

  • Companies rise and fall faster than ever before. The average lifespan of a company listed in the S&P 500 has decreased from 67 years in the 1920's to 15 today, according to Richard Foster at Yale University. We aim to help you understand why that is and how to spot areas that are particularly at risk.


  • If your business requires you to stay on the forefront of innovation, this program will help you accomplish that. We curate thought leaders and company builders who are on the cutting edge of developing technology, products, and services.


  • Never has it been easier to create, launch and build billion dollar businesses. We'll help identify the difference between linear and exponential companies and what it takes to build new companies in this environment.

Unsure if you should attend? Broadly speaking, if you are seeking to understand where the world is going and want to make sure you're in front of the coming waves of disruption, we encourage you to join us at Exponential Finance.

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